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Camila Vasconcelos

Visual Arts/Photography Teacher

Multicultural Education and Arts Integration are the two main focuses of my work as an international visual arts teacher. I intend to foster an environment where students can learn how to be themselves, but at the same time be aware of how wonderful and big our world is, and how can we connect and spread our ideas all around. I deliver creativity and versatility to create all activities, working with different materials and technologies, to bring the practices closer to the students' reality. My intention is to provide a variety of information about all the fields that Visual Arts have and transform them into art appreciators, beyond artists.  I invite you to see my work and hope you enjoy it!

Camila Vasconcelos - Visual Arts/Photography
Photo by: Camila Vasconcelos
Photo by: Camila Vasconcelos
Photo by: Camila Vasconcelos
Photo by: Camila Vasconcelos
Photo by: Camila Vasconcelos
Photo by: Camila Vasconcelos
Photo by: Camila Vasconcelos
Photo by: Camila Vasconcelos
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About Me

I recognize the potential of each student and through my personalized approach, I realized that my students' self-esteem and skills increased consistently. I love what I do and I'm happy to share my passion with others. Since I started teaching in 2011, the results I have achieved are proof of how my teaching method works. I am a patient, adaptable and professional art teacher, willing to help all students achieve their goals. Contact me today to start working together.

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Objective and Goal

My goal and how that can help schools

My main goal as an international teacher is to develop differentiated skills and techniques in a challenging new environment. I am open to participating, collaborating, organizing field trips, and after-school programs, always seeking to do my best, sharing ideas, and engaging myself in the entire teaching-learning process. I believe the exchange of experiences will be very enriching for all involved.

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Teaching Philosophy

Elementary School-3rd grade
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Elementary School - 1st grade
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A Statement for my future students:

"You already know that you are on the top of the world right now. You have the opportunity in your school to improve your skills and grow as a person who can change and make everything better, every day, everywhere.

Share your ideas with your colleagues and teachers, and don’t be shy to say what are you thinking or what is going on. Be fair with yourselves and respect who is around you.

Believe in the power and strength that you already have. Be aware that the world depends on your choices and only you can create a better future."

Ms. Camila Vasconcelos

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About my Work

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Virtual Synchronous and Asynchronous Classes

E-learning opportunities for students to work from home

Special Needs

Activities for students with special needs

Individual Activities

Personalized Classes according with each grade level

Group Classes

Learning activities and socialization

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Art Integration Lessons

Arts integration builds greater understanding across disciplines, supporting authentic experiences that engage and motivate learners. This practice provides multiple modes of learning and understanding, while also fostering imagination, creativity, and personal interpretation of ideas and topics. Those are examples of some of the activities that I developed.

"Yara - A brazilian fairy tale" Play

Collaboration between Theater & Visual Arts

TAG Critiques

Collaboration between ELA & Visual Arts

Black History Month - Wax Museum personalities

Collaboration between ELA, Social Studies & Visual Arts

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Mural antiracist art teachers - Elements of Art

Collaboration between Visual Arts & the Antiracist Arts Teacher Movement

Photo Movement Class

Collaboration between Photography, Theater & Dance

Yearbook 2022-2023

Collaboration between ELA & Photography

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Project Based Learning and others activities

Samples of my work with Project Based Learning


Project "Kindeness generates Kindness"

6º Grade

WhatsApp Image 2018-11-17 at 17.50.57 (5

Project "Identity and Diversity"

1-5 Grades


Art Integration Projects

Maths, Science, Physical Education, Literacy and more

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Drawing & Painting Classes

This course is part of the Encore Kids College, an after-school program from The Capitol Encore Academy. Any child between the ages of 5-11 years old can join, even those not attending TCEA.

Painting  & Drawing Classes

Painting techniques to increase students' abilities and encourage them to find their own creative voice!


Small Groups to optimize interation

The class sizes of this course are planned to create a more intimate relationship between students and the teachers, to clarify any doubt, and help them to develop their full potential.

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Here you will learn a little more about myself as a K-12 Art Teacher. #teacherslife!

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My YouTube Channel

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Being aware of the importance of transmitting trust and responsibility to my future professional contacts, I present here the testimonials of the various administrators, coordinators, and co-workers with whom I had the privilege of working during my ten years of career:

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Mr. Gerard Falls

School Director, The Capitol Encore Academy 2023

Ms. Vasconcelos has developed a successful visual arts program that has met the needs of our students across the K-10 continuum. She has a wide breadth of knowledge in the visual arts field and has engaged students with dynamic projects covering street art, photography, art history, and art as a tool for social change and activism.

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